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    Unhappy Need a little info please.LETTER E

    Guys a am fairly new to the android phone but know some about it,had my phone about a week.I bought it new from this guy and it works fine,but it only has the letter e when I need to connect to data,internet. Wifi works great,very fast,everthing works fine on the phone,text everthing.It is a HTC ONE.I took it down to the AT&T which is my carrier and they said it is on the E because that stands for edge,he said it could have come form over seas or something,but i have bought phone's before from e-bay and places and had no problem with signal,or anything.He said it would call fine,run great on wifi and everthing but would be a slow using the internet when pulling data,they have 4 G here and why can't my phone receive 4 g or 3 g when it has good signal I don't understand.Do I need to change something,undate something or what.I checked the hardware update and it tells me it is up to date.He did tell me it was not a at&t phone but still would work fine on there network except for the 4 G.Love the phone it is superfast and has a awsome camera.If I cant get the issue resolved I might sell it and go to a iphone.
    Guys tell me what to do or try,is my phone 4 G capble,the book says it has it,does it need something let me know what you think.
    thanks guys
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    Welcome to the forums.
    The radios your phone is set up for may not be able to capture the signals sent by AT&T. That is probably why you can't get 4G, and as far as I know, there is no setting or software that can help with this.

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    Thanks, I will keep searching for more info also,you are probly right.
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    There are multiple versions of that phone, that may or may not support AT&Ts frequencies in the States. Do you know the model number?

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    It says htc one on the model no and it has the 4.2.2 It also says it is the htc sense version 5.0 processor Quadcore.I also have the serial number if that would help.
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    Somewhere, probably on the back of the phone, it will have a more specific model number. My Moto X just says Moto X as the model number in the settings panel but on the back it is listed as a more specific variant.

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    Even if it was an international device, the device have the correct bands support to get HSPA on ATT. Could be an APN settings problem, when you took it to AT&T, did they check the APN settings? Try not to buy from "random guy" next time, whether he claimed its new or not.

    You can try to

    You can enter the IMEI number for the phone here and get some background info on it to see if its clean:

    You can unlock the phone bootloader and reflash the factory image for the device to return it to stock, but I think that might be too complicated , and not easy to do with HTC phones.

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