I heard it was an old issue that sometimes when u use a jellybean phone, it happens that the other guy cant listen ur voice but you can listen his. This keeps happening in a series as if the microphone in ur phone is dead. But the prob is not there, jellybean is giving the prob. Now my phone, Sony Xperia L has jelly bean 4.2.2 giving the same prob.. I cant even do the calls.. I need to use a headset for calls. Else the guy on other side cannot hear me.
Btw- My phones mikes are perfectly fine. I used google's voice search and the voice recognition is accurate as well.
So has anyone else faced this problem?
I would be grateful if someone could tell me a solution to this.
And- I did look at call settings, could do nothing bout it. (well I am not even a rookie yet, so I dont mind u guys telling me to look something specific in there.)
Lets find a solution for this together