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    Default Any Android Apps that can record internal audio?

    I have a Nvidia Shield in which I use Shou Video Recording to record my gameplay or what i'm doing(similar to capture cards)

    The Issue is that the App doesn't allow direct audio recording from the shield, and the closest thing would be the "Mic option"(which unfortunately records the sound of my button presses as well)

    So I was wondering, is there a separate app that can record audio directly from the shield, or any android device?without worrying about any noise from the background? As well as recording from the background of the Android phone? Meaning if I'm playing a game, the app will still be internal audio recording the games sound
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    Default Re: Any Android Apps that can record internal audio?

    so...i guess no such app exists? That or I gotta search a lot more and hope one does what i want it to.
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    Default Re: Any Android Apps that can record internal audio?

    Take a look at this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...id=com.nll.asr

    It says that you can record while the app is running in the background. Aside from that app, not sure if anything else would work short of connecting the device to a computer or TV and pulling Sound that way.

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    Default Re: Any Android Apps that can record internal audio?

    I have tried many Audio Recording Apps, most which either do not work, or are only for recording pre-selected Radio Stations.

    I have found two that work, but only record from the microphone, so any external sound will also be recorded (phone, knock on the door, children, dogs, birds, cars, talking, music, coughing, laughing, etc.). These are the only two apps I've found that will work with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, running JellyBean 4.3:

    >>> HiFi Corder (m4a or aac format)
    >>> ASR (wav files)

    I've tried these apps, which do not work on my Note 3: AudioTweet (freezes), AutomaticAudio, AutoSoundRecorder, RadioRecord (Russian only), RadioRecord (Spanish only), RecForgeII, RecForgeLite, Record (Internal App Error), Record4Me, RecordOne (Korean only, no menu), TapeAudioRecorder, Urecord, SoundRecorder, SoundRecored+, AdvancedAudioRecorderBeta, Rec.Radio (only preselected stations), SmartVoiceRecorder, zRadio.
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    Default Re: Any Android Apps that can record internal audio?

    I use Bluestacks on my Mac and and play my Android apps from this program /Emulator while recording video and sound with Screenflow fo Mac. So far I have had no problems.

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