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    Default Any experience of the Jolla phone running Sailfish?

    I've seen a bit in the news about the Jolla phone, although things seem a bit quieter now the launch has passed.

    It sounds interesting, but I can't see anything in the forums and wondered whether anyone has used one, has one, or has experience of it? Being an internet purchase only, there isn't an obvious way to 'try before you buy'. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, comments etc., on it.
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    Default Re: Any experience of the Jolla phone running Sailfish?

    No personal experience but following this I very much doubt that I shall be looking for any The Phones Show - 217 - Review of Jolla and Sailfish OS

    Hopefully they can get something together with it in the next twelve months or so.
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    Default Re: Any experience of the Jolla phone running Sailfish?

    I got one and have been using it for a month now. It seems the press has lost interest after the launch but Jolla delivers monthly updates with lots of new features and bugfixes. The community around it is quite active and I expect more native apps to roll out slowly (although I use only several Android apps, the basic stuff is there). The UI is absolutely georgeus and fast (as in both smooth and effortless compared to Android). For me the best thing about Jolla is their openess to feedback. Any user can create a feature request/idea on together.jolla.com and other users can vote for it. And Jolla usually takes the ideas with most votes and tries to implement it as soon as possible. Is there something specific you would like to know? I am happy to answer. Probably the best source of information is jollausers.com.

    P.S. This very post was written on Jolla
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    Default Re: Any experience of the Jolla phone running Sailfish?

    I've wanted to try one out ever since Sailfish was first unveiled. It looks like a great OS and just needs better hardware for it to run on. Sad that there hasn't been much coverage for it.

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