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    Default S4 zoom objective totaly resistless to dust

    Hello there.My camera objective on my Samsung S 4 zoom is totaly resistless to dust,even for bigger particles ( 1/2 mm) and now I have a problem with this great camera couse I get tiny white spot on every photo I shot with it.

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    Default Re: S4 zoom objective totaly resistless to dust

    Hello there...i have that problem also...i am so sad cuz i worked 60 days to buy this phone... realy saad.... samsung plz heeelp!!!!
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    Default Re: S4 zoom objective totaly resistless to dust

    Hello, im from Mexico and i bought the samsung galaxy s4 zoom c101 and i have that problem too!!!
    Dust particles enter tu the lens and i cant clean it.

    I founded this solution Zoom lens dust contamination - Solution added! - xda-developers but i dont know if it is too risky.

    If you find another solution, please let me know.

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