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    Default Samsung Galaxy Transer/Migration - S2 to S3

    After much Googling, I thought I'd come here with what is probably a very FAQ.
    Simply, what is the recommended way to do a full backup / restore from one Samsung phone, S2, to another, S3 (not S4, tho' am sure it's similar process)
    Ideally, this would include all system Settings, Contacts, Apps, and various user data aka "content" .
    SAMSUNG KIES seems the obvious choice, and I have run backup with intent to restore on to new phone (I guess this assumes same file formats etc.....)
    Apps seems not to be backed up (?) - Running Kies, Android ICS (4.1.2).
    I have a lot of IT expertise (database), but am not a cell phone junkie .
    Is Kies the preferred way, and if so, what to do about apps? And if it is not, then what is?
    Many Thanks

    From Kies website at What can I backup and recover from my device using Kies? : Cell Phones | Samsung
    Cell Phones: What can I backup and recover from my device using Kies?
    Back Up and Restore

    You can create backups of the content on your device, letting you restore data quickly and easily later. You can back up the following content from your device: contacts, S Memo, S Planner (calendar events), call logs, S Health, Message, videos, music, photos, miscellaneous content files, Story Album, Ringtones, Applications, Alarms, Email account information, and Preferences.
    Note: Backup options may vary depending on your device.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Transer/Migration - S2 to S3

    Welcome to the forums! Kies would definitely work. However, I'm not sure if it will work to transfer Apps and the data associated with each App. For this, you can use one of the many rooted solutions. If you are not rooted and don't plan on rooting the S3, use Helium from the Play Store to backup Apps with data and transfer to the S3.

    Let us know if you have further questions.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Transer/Migration - S2 to S3

    No need to root, install Helium app. Install the Helium PC program, then run Helium app on the phone and follow the instruction.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Transer/Migration - S2 to S3

    Thanks srkmagnus.
    No, not rooted. I have installed Helium on both PC and S2 device, but starting it on the PC yields Messages: connect the Android to USB (which it is already). Further, a message in blue: Is your Android connected but not detected? You may need to install drivers. I already had Samsung USB drivers, but re-installed from the most current, from Samsung site.
    I wonder if others had this problem. I realize this is not a Helium Forum.
    Related, I read somewhere, that all app settings are saved to Goggle. Is this correct? I wonder which apps...If I re-install apps manually, then the saved settings are automatically applied, or applied after some user initiated sync function? This is my first Smartphone Migration. Unfortunately its not to S4, S3 was the Deal on Offer (excess stock, I guess).

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