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    The main thing i am personally looking for is a new touch-wiz UI.

    What are your guys' predictions for the S5? (:

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    Default Re: Galaxy S5 predictions?

    I am hoping for a trimmed down version of TouchWiz. 8 GB hogging the internal storage is pathetic.

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    Default Re: Galaxy S5 predictions?

    Better performance. There is no reason the devices they put out should be weighed down so heavily by the UI. I hope they refine touchwiz and make it run buttery smooth like it did with the s2. Refine and cut out most of the crap, while keeping some of the better features in there and you will have a winner samsung.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S5 predictions?

    Well now that they have had plenty of time to see what works and what doesn't a slimmer TW is surely on the cards.

    This in turn would make the already rumoured 5.25 2-4k screen, 2.5ghz and 3 -4gb of ram shine.


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    Default Re: Galaxy S5 predictions?

    I predict that Samsung will take an amazing phone and unfortunately load it with bloatware that will cover up what it actually is capable of.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S5 predictions?

    Hoping for a better material for the body of the phone and TouchWiz to be trimmed down and improved performance.
    Expectations? Slightly tweaked UI, better performance only because they're going to have insane specs there, and probably the same cheap plastic

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