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    Default Best games for Moga?

    Those of you with a Moga (or other controller), what are some of your favorite games to play with it? I personally like the Sonic games. I'm on the hunt for more controller enabled games though!
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    Default Re: Best games for Moga?

    Racing games are pretty good on the Moga. Also, old school games like Meganoid () and Meganoid 2 ( ) are good.
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    Default Re: Best games for Moga?

    Right now I personally have GTA: San Andreas, Shadowgun, Shadowgun: Deadzone, Dead Trigger 2, Dead On Arrival 2, The Cave, Riptide 2. I tried out Max Payne and Dungeon Hunter 4.

    Any emulator will work.

    I also suggest you check out TegreZone, since they have a library of controller optimized games that all work with Moga.
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    Default Re: Best games for Moga?

    I would try some SNK games. Not sure how well these games support controllers though. You could do emulators, but these are the legal method.

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