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    Default Google is winning because of services & Android

    By the metric of 100s of millions of users Google has the following hits:

    Search, Maps, Youtube, Mail, Android.

    Of course with Android you get the incredible native version of Google Now, informational cards that are based on Google mining your location, searches, product purchases and other things to anticipate your needs.

    They are #1 in all those areas: search, maps, streaming video, email, mobile OS.

    Apple is #1 in devices(most of which will tie into Google services).

    Microsoft is nowhere in this, though they are trying like hell(except in video). Everytime MS has a press release about Bing maps I laugh because all you have to do is do a side-by-side comparison with Google/Bing and it's obvious Google Maps have way more POI data, 3-D representations of buildings at a high-zoom level and an easier UI on the the desktop.
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    Default Re: Google is winning because of services & Android

    Is this an ad?

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    Default Re: Google is winning because of services & Android

    I just find it funny that long ago there was a whole debacle when news started to talk about how search engines record IPs and keep search results. Then everyone panic and a whole bunch of people switch to Bing thinking they have more privacy.

    I also find it funny on Internet Explorer, when you go to the page to get search engine, Google gets a 3/5 stars, but to be fair Bing is 3/5 as well.

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