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    Question buying used note 3 with swappa.com

    There is a listing for unlocked/rooted galaxy note 3 phone on swappa.com, and I am very much enticed. I wanted to know if it is OK to buy from swappa.com, and if anyone here has experience with that. Also if the listing mentioned is good enough.
    ps: if this is in the wrong forum, please move to the right one.
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    Default Re: buying used note 3 with swappa.com

    Its probably one of the better places in my opinion. Swappa has the online IMEI checker for bad/blacklisted devices by the carrier.
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    Default Re: buying used note 3 with swappa.com

    I have used Swappa multiple times both buying and selling phones. Better than ebay I think because Swappa checks ESNs before the device can be posted so you know you're getting a legit phone.
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    Default Re: buying used note 3 with swappa.com

    I can only post as regards the seller view point something I noticed...I had co-listed on eBay (and clearly underpriced my Note 3 since I sold both Swappa and eBay within 12 hours of listing) and the sales occurred within 1 hour of each other (eBay was first so I honored that one). I immediately refunded the funds to the Swappa buyer but the frightening thing for him (and all buyers) is that Swappa does not put any sort of hold (aka escrow) on your funds until the item is sent/received. eBay does require a hold. Then Swappa gave me a "poor" review...even though I acted quickly to get the buyer his funds and fees right back to him. They said they lost a buyer (he apparently didn't buy another phone on Swappa) and as a result I was to blame for their lost customer. Whatever, I may list again but I wouldn't buy on this site.
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    Default Re: buying used note 3 with swappa.com

    Authenticity check of phone can be done on https://www.3gadgets.com/chk_auth.php
    also authentic used phones, Tablets & Laptops can be bought at https://www.3gadgets.com/sellgadget.php .

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