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    Default 8 inch tablet or 10 inch?

    I want to get a tablet for primarily youtube videos, netflix and browsing the web. I'll mainly be using it in the house, the only time that I'll need to take it with me is when I go on trips. So what do you think: Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4 or 10.1 or either of the newest iPads (mini 2 and the air). Thanks.
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    Default Re: 8 inch tablet or 10 inch?

    I'd say 8.4 is big enough for browsing and watching movies/videos. I'd personally go with that or the 10.1 but never the iPads

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    Default Re: 8 inch tablet or 10 inch?

    8". Probably the Samsung can't, but a thinner bezel one can hold with one hand, lighter, therefore more comfortable for long use. 10" iPad are too heavy for lengthy use I find.
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    Default Re: 8 inch tablet or 10 inch?

    The iPad mini 2 with retina is a pretty sweet device, I've been having my eyes on it. Most of the smaller Android tablets are of low quality, the Nexus 7 is probably the best bet for smaller than 10".
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    Default Re: 8 inch tablet or 10 inch?

    Depends on what you want it for!

    My principal use is Netflix streaming and reading Zinio magazines to which I subscribe.

    10.1 is far better for both.

    If you want an quick-and-easy internet device, smaller may be better. For ebooks, smaller works fine.
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