I`ve recently set up a Gmail account and I have to say how impressed I am by it.

I`ve noticed that the desktop version has inbox tabs for the usual social, promotions, updates and forums. These inbox tabs also have corresponding category labels. So I can view an email in the inbox tab, corresponding category label or both.

I also understand how to createn my own labels. I also have all tabs and labels visible and not hidden.

I understand how inbox tabs and labels work.

What I don`t get is the gmail app on my tablet (Asus Memopad HD7).

On the gmail app the usual inbox tabs (social, promotions, updates and forums) are just that - inbox tabs.
The corresponding labels do not show on the gmail app.

Social, promotions, updates and forums are inbox tabs only - not category labels. Is that right?

Interestingly my own created labels do show.

So am I right in thinking that on the desktop, gmail shows them as inbox and category labels. But on the gmail app, they are tabs only - not labels.

Many thanks.

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