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    Default 4GLTE Network Speed Comparison

    Here's an interesting comparison of general LTE Speed across countries, and another bit that compares carriers in the US. Not an Android thing, but interesting to smart phone users.

    This was posted today in an article in PC Week. It's a study comparing the major carriers as far as how much of the time a 4G LTE Device is actually on LTE (and not downgraded to 3G or 2G) and the average speed of a download.

    According to this, Sprint is pretty much tied with Virgin Mobile for least time you're actually on 4GLTE, and is just above Boost Mobile and MetroPCS in download speed. In both cases, it's behind all the other major carriers. No suprise, but sad.

    The same article compared 16 countries' LTE speeds, from a high of 24.5Mbps (Australia) to 5.3Mbps (Philippines). The us is is next to last at 6.5Mbps. Very sad.

    Time spent on LTE networks: 76.8 percent
    Average download speeds: 7.82Mbps

    Time spent on LTE networks: 50.9 percent
    Average download speeds: 4.32Mbps

    Time spent on LTE networks: 59.2 percent
    Average download speeds: 11.5Mbps

    Time spent on LTE networks: 68.5 percent
    Average download speeds: 9.12Mbps

    Boost Mobile:
    Time spent on LTE networks: 57.2 percent
    Average download speeds: 3.23Mbps

    Virgin Mobile:
    Time spent on LTE networks: 49.5 percent
    Average download speeds: 4.05Mbps

    Time spent on LTE networks: 84.7 percent
    Average download speeds: 2.43Mbps
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    Default Re: 4GLTE Network Speed Comparison

    I would check out root metrics for really good comparisons. They do some awesome studies .

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    Default Re: 4GLTE Network Speed Comparison

    Virgin Mobile USA/Boostmobile/Sprint all the same network....so...if they something is wrong there.

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