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    Default Facebook Messenger App: Any users out there?

    Just curious to how many of you use this app? I was considering deleting it today.
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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    I use it quite a bit. Everyday at least. I still have a few Facebook friends that aren't on Twitter 😋

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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    I use it at lest once a week ...

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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    Because of chat heads and cross platform and form factor compatibility, it is my family and our friends primary method of text communication.
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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    Same here. Some people just don't like sms, so they use Messenger. Doesn't matter to me, the important thing is to stay in touch. And, chat heads is pretty unobtrusive, you can get to it when you can.

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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    Meh I used it for a while. I don't like chat heads. I don't see the point of having both the Facebook app and the fb messenger app. So i just use the Facebook app.

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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    I'm with Joe. Messaging works fine in the main Facebook app.
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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    I use it here and there a few times a week with certian contacts. But not many. I also use Google chat with hangouts and SMS as well.
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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    It's a must have app for me. My kids and my wife all use it heavily, and at my new job they don't use Lync so some of us use FB Messenger instead.
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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    I use it all the time to keep in touch with friends. I actually really like the chat heads.
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    Default Re: FB Messenger App

    Ah yeah, so I guess the majority use it.

    I used to use it for the chat heads, although I find at times it can be annoying when certain people always spam me. My girlfriend doesn't use it which is also annoying at times, I send her a message and she doesn't reply until hours later, although she's online.

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