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    Default Icon packs

    If you are using one let me know, I am looking for one. Thanks
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    Default Re: Icon packs

    The Stealth icon pack is pretty awesome. Especially if you're normally rocking a dark background.


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    Default Re: Icon packs

    My Favorites:




    And a shameless plug for my own pack, Pasty
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    Default Re: Icon packs

    An icon pack is only as good as the developers response speed for new requests.

    this is the best icon pack hands down.


    link for the free app.

    if you like it, get the paid app

    - - - Updated - - -

    Btw the name is Noventa Icon pack
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    Default Re: Icon packs

    I have a few but this is by far my favourite.


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    Default Re: Icon packs

    I wish I could like icon packs. But since they don't change the icon in task switcher I can't do it.

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    Default Re: Icon packs

    my current favorite is Minimal (Hera) and second is Click UI <3

    sent from my Moto X <3
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