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    Default Samsung note 2 updates

    Hello all ,
    I linked my phone Samsung note2 with my PC , I find there is a new Update for the phone.
    the problem kies don't tell me wich version is avaible
    I want to update my phone directly to kitkat 4.4 because 4.3 I think there is some problems with it.
    Samsung note 2 updates-screenshot.324.jpg
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    Default Re: Samsung note 2 updates

    It will be 4.4.
    Note 2 skipped a few generations.
    I hope it works well. More menus to play with at least.

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    Default Re: Samsung note 2 updates

    unfortunately there is noting new about Spen ( like the feature of note3) x)
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    Default Re: Samsung note 2 updates

    Welcome to Android Central.

    I have a Note 3.
    *S-Note went from version 1.0 to 3.1.0 with KK. More digitized tick box options in templates.
    Have a look at the Note 2 forums.
    **Maybe scrap that. I think you had different S-Note files that integrated better. So I don't know what's new there.

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