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    Default Do you really buy a phone for gimmicks?

    I loved my first real smartphone the S3 full of excitement when I purchased and it was a joy to use. I then purchased the S4 and gimmicks galore, which I initially liked. I have had the mega and still retain the Note 3.

    However my attention moved away when I purchased the Nexus 5. The only draw back was battery life, the rest was so great considering the price.

    I have since purchased the Xperia Z2 and I now see what I value as important, Build I love this, but I still don't criticise plastic both have pro's and cons, but I prefer my Z2 if I'm honest. The Camera is brilliant (not perfect by any means) but really good. The battery life is great, Noise cancellation is superb, the light Ui, front facing speakers, and many other great features.

    The Z2 has awoken me to what I really appreciate in a smartphone.

    Gimmicks like fingerprint scanners & heartrate monitors ect really?

    This is all just my opinion & obviously many like gimmicks whether it be for use or just a talking point I don't know.

    I will now from this point on be buying a phone that is focused. I never used many features of the S4 it was just initial and then a talking point as I said.

    We all appreciate different things and that is good I'm not having a pop at anyone or Samsung lol

    Just now realising what I prefer since moving away from yes Samsung I have been more content. Other than my Note 3 which I still own & like as the feature with the S-pen are somewhat useful atleast.

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    Default Re: Do you really buy a phone for gimmicks?

    Quote Originally Posted by alexander1010 View Post
    Well I would not totally agree on that, yes most of the features of phones are never even opened by the users ... very true ... we should always remember that people have different needs and a Gimmick to ONE could be a necessity to the other.

    Just a thought ... I have been sticking to my HTC for a very-very long time by now and I simply love it. The more features they add, the more I love it.
    "A gimmick to one, could be a necessity to another"

    This is very true and if you look at it you are not forced to buy Samsung and there are many many alternatives.

    So if you look at it and as I have now, there is no real need to whine and moan, there are so many available choices..

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    Default Re: Do you really buy a phone for gimmicks?

    The heart rate monitor really cracks me up because knowing how it works, pretty much every phone with a flash can do it. We had it on Windows Phone well before the galaxy S5 came out.
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    Default Re: Do you really buy a phone for gimmicks?

    Everything is a gimmick until it's not. Less than a decade ago, a phone that did more than make calls and send texts was a gimmick. I respect Samsung for always being willing to try stuff. I just happen to prefer the Google experience of the Nexus line.
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    Default Re: Do you really buy a phone for gimmicks?

    Gimmicks or not. Samsung does do better than other OEMs and people love their phones so take that as you will.

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    Default Re: Do you really buy a phone for gimmicks?

    One man's gimmick...

    Samsung often draws fire for this and that. When KitKat came out and so many people were unsure of how to access their SD Card, suddenly Samsung's native file manager started lookin' pretty good!

    I love the hover features and the integration with other Samsung stuff (like televisions...screen mirroring). I love the camera modes. I love the custom design on the pull-down toolbar.

    I probably wouldn't buy it JUST for that...but given that it is also a high end device that is brilliant...ta da...it is stuff that can be a tie-breaker.
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    Default Re: Do you really buy a phone for gimmicks?

    and that's why i love my Moto X! surely the hardware is not top-notch for today's standards but it is still an awesome super fluid and smooth phone with features that make it different and are not gimmicks!

    active notifications and touchless control are rly rly useful! i luv being able to see notifications even with the screen off and being able to go directly to the app! it's rly dynamic and practical!

    i will prolly stay with my X until next year and keep hoping Motorola will continue with this amazing useful features for the X successors!

    sent from my Moto X <3

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