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    Default my s4 active screen turns white and gray

    I need help figuring out what is going on with my phone. It turns blue and looks pixelated and then fades into a gray/white background with vertical lines. This happens every time I make or receive a phone call and now when I charge my phone it sometimes happens. I have not gotten my phone wet or banged it on anything. In fact, it started out of nowhere when my step daughter was on the phone and I know she didn't do anything to it because I was watching her. I love Samsung and galaxy phones, but this is the second problem I've had with these phones. I had to get my other phone replaced because the kit kat update ruined my touch screen when it came out.
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    Default Re: my s4 active screen turns white and gray

    Mine just started doing the same thing. Did you ever find out what's doing that? Because I have to take my battery out then put it back in then it works fine but then about 20 mins later it dies the same thing.

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