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    Default Note 3 battery

    What's going on, I haven't even used 3d games just the occasional check for messages, some music maybe a video or two in the WHOLE DAY and my battery life suffers a ton, I.e. even when I'm not using it it's being drained. I disconnected it at 7:49 AM and it's a 10:23PM, yeah it's been a while but I be barely used my phone in the whole day and I'm at 3 percent. Note 3 battery-uploadfromtaptalk1400984670660.jpgNote 3 battery-uploadfromtaptalk1400984682750.jpg

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    Default Re: Note 3 battery

    Install gsam battery app to get a better breakdown of what's using your battery. I'd imagine you have a lot of wakelocks as well which you can see in gsam. You clearly have a lot of stuff running in the background even when the screen is off. You've either got some rogue apps or you have them poorly configured.

    For Google services a lot depends on your app settings and what you are syncing and we don't know what apps or services you use. I don't know what ifunny is but that and hd widgets are using an awful lot of battery for you not using your phone much. You must have a frequent refresh interval for your widgets. If it's adjustable, change it. If it's not I'd uninstall that app.

    Well install gsam and give much more info if you want additional help.
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    Default Re: Note 3 battery

    +1. Wake lock is awesome.

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    Default Re: Note 3 battery


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    Default Re: Note 3 battery

    Also make use of things like greenify if you find out what apps keep waking up your phone.

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