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    Default Design & Features

    Ok so we now have all the Major Flagships Released bar the G3 which was recently announced.

    This is all subjective and based solely on my perspective.

    The Following in terms of design have superseded the S5..

    The Xperia Z2 while not much has changed over the Z1 what Sony did was implement subtle changes that just work and done very well.

    The Htc One M8 same applies and well done to Htc little changes but what they did works and well.

    The LG G3 wow so great that they have managed to increase the Size but keep it manageable so well done Lg. They have changed the design and improved upon the G2 very well, and to be less fingerprint prone is a huge plus.

    That leaves the S5 which yes they implemented the water resistance and new dimpled back, but the overall tweaks are nothing compared to the above. It's the yawn phone where the above was actually like hmm subtle but what they have done works.

    Features on the Z2

    Waterproofing, Noise Cancellation, 20.7mgp great Camera, knock on (an LG feature) Stereo speakers,4k recording, Great battery life, Nice & light Ui with great usability especially the gallery which is superb and in general runs so smooth.

    Htc Features

    Gesture controls and also using knock on and off, Sense 6 nicely revamped, boomsound speakers, Duo Camera all great tweaks over the M7.

    LG G3 well the G3 got to mention that screen ok it's ahead of time and apps and video ect need to catch up but that's where things are going so well done Lg, knock code, knock off and on,.new Ui design and little features such as smart notification, Camera improvements.


    Features galore and not going to give Samsung to hard off a press here they have implemented some nice features such as Download booster, battery saving, Ui tweaks, kids mode, private mode ect and some that to me are pointless eg fingerprint reader and heartrate monitor.

    Overall the likes of Sony, Htc and LG have done alot better with their flagships this year.

    But wait there is the S5 Prime hmm will it continue the trend and be all hype and not much else?

    What do you all think?

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