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    Default Samsung S5 blurry pictures

    Hey guys. Upgraded to the s5 from a s3 and for the life of me I cannot understand why most of my pictures are blurry and not very clear. Plastic piece is off lens and no scratches or anything. I take good care of my phones.

    Setting are all at the best and I am using auto mode. How are you all taking pictures? 02 ease advise. Getting really frustrated. I though this camera was suppose to be top of the line.

    Any little movement with my son who is 9 months old and it is fuzzy. I am getting the green circle that it is supposedly focused too. Never had an issue with my s3.

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Samsung S5 blurry pictures

    Are you getting blurry pictures because they're out of focus or because of motion blurr? One of my biggest gripes with the latest Sammy sensors is that shutter speed is not ideal. Like you say, any movement either from your subject or your hand, and your perfect shot comes out blurred out.

    If it's the latter, try turning off the "Smart" Stabilization feature. In my experience, this is anything BUT smart. Essentially what they did was merge stabilization with Auto-Night Mode exposure. The problem I've seen with it is that it seems to think that anything that's not under direct sunlight on a smoldering, clear Summer day is 'dark' and it increases the exposure time. This causes motion blur from the tiniest of movements. Also, if your shots are not indoors, you could try "Sports" mode.
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    Default Re: Samsung S5 blurry pictures

    I believe it is motion blur. Any little movement and it is crazy blurry. I have smart stabilization off. Just not overly happy with the camera and it is a big part of my choice when buying a phone. I honestly think my s3 took better pictures.
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    Default Re: Samsung S5 blurry pictures

    I skipped the S3 and went from an S2 to a Note 2 and didn't notice any shutter lag. Enter the S4, shutter lag. Enter the Note 3, shutter lag. I doubt hey fixed this on the S5, but shutting off the smart stabilization and tweaking exposure settings seems to help. Or just use a 3rd party camera like CameraZoom FX to get generally better results.
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    Default Re: Samsung S5 blurry pictures

    A 9 month old can move pretty fast. What is the shutter speed? Anything less than 1/250th of a second and it is likely to be motion blur.

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