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06-04-2014 02:36 AM
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    Default Quick noob update question. Future android Updates?

    If I get a LG G2 or Sony Z1 will I get future Android updates to 4.5 etc?

    Is there any way of knowing?

    Don't want to be stuck on a 2 year contract with out of date software.

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    Default Re: Quick noob update question. Future android Updates?

    Welcome to Android Central! It really depends on the manufacturer and the wireless carrier. In general, phones will be supported for about 18 months, so if an update comes out in that timeframe, the manufacturer and carrier will work on bringing it to the device. But there are never any promises, and oftentimes the update takes a loooong time to get released (especially with Verizon). Your best bet to get reliable updates for at least 18 months (and often for longer) is to get a Nexus or Google Play Edition device.

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