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    Default S4 Mini or GS3 ??

    Which is better?? Budget 300$
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    Default Re: S4 Mini or GS3 ??

    Depends on what you're looking for, special wise & design. I've read the G3 won't be out till September & knowing Samsung they'd have several variants of the galaxy released. If u can't wait, I'd get go for the mini

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    Default Re: S4 Mini or GS3 ??

    Both good phones!

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    Default Re: S4 Mini or GS3 ??

    I'd say the Galaxy S3 if you can stand the battery life (and by modern standards, it is not good, though you can upgrade the stock battery at least). I modified my BF's stock Galaxy S3 (turned on GPU rendering in developer options) and it runs VERY fast now...the UI is easily as fast and smooth as any current generation phone and it does not even have Kitkat yet. The Galaxy S3 is still a pretty good phone even by current standards.

    For $300 though, you can get a OnePlus, which is significantly better than either phone. $300 can get you a Moto X as well. Either of these is preferable to either of the phones you listed IMO.

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