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    Default Is the HTC ONE MINI any good?

    Hello, I want to move from Windows Phone to Android but want to know if this phone is any good, can it run all apps smooth and the same for music and videos and games?

    All in all, what is this phone like?

    Oh! What is the battery life like?
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    Default Re: Is the HTC ONE MINI any good?

    Get a Moto X. Or wait a few weeks for the successor to the Moto X.
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    Default Re: Is the HTC ONE MINI any good?

    Reasons for NOT buying a "Mini" version http://www.androidauthority.com/poor...-sales-412110/

    I looked at these versions quite a while ago and very quickly came to the conclusion that they are a total rip off. As mentioned in the article, Sony are a notable exception as one of my favourite reviewers Steve Litchfield on "The Phones Show" as also noted.

    I've been looking at a few options myself for when LTE in the part of the backward Third World country in which I live finally arrives, and as mentioned above the X will most definitely be on my radar amongst others.

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    Default Re: Is the HTC ONE MINI any good?

    I'd get a Moto X instead. I've been looking at both the Moto X and the HTC one Mini on eBay because I wanted to get a new android phone. Reasons I decided on the Moto X included:
    2GB of RAM compared to 1GB which will future-proof the phone more and helps with multitasking and overall performance.
    Better Camera on the Moto X, especially since the HTC one Mini's is stripped of features compared to the One's.
    A more "Premium" feeling software experience with features like Moto Assist, Touchless Control, and Active Notification.
    Additionally one of the main problems I have with a lot of "Mini" phones is they just feel really stripped down and are overall poorer compared to their bigger brothers.

    Price wise there is a Manufacturer Refurbished HTC One Mini for $220 on eBay while there are some pretty good condition Moto X's for $200-$230. That is of course assuming you're in the US and can buy on eBay.
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    Default Re: Is the HTC ONE MINI any good?

    Get the Moto G.

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