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    Default Handcent Anywhere vs MightyText?

    Hey all,

    Just wondering how Handcent's Anywhere compares to MightyText? If anyone here knows yet.

    Of course with MightyText it's usable with any android SMS client and Handcent's will have to use it.


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    Default Re: Handcent Anywhere vs MightyText?

    I just started using Handcent Anywhere yesterday. I have no experience with MightText. Handcent Anywhere has very simple functions. You can create new text conversations and reply to a text with type, attachments (like pictures), or emoji's. You do have the option to download your contacts from your mobile device to the site so that their names and any contact images you have will show up on Handcent Anywhere. You're also given the option of desktop notifications.

    What I don't like is that once you start a conversation on Handcent Anywhere, there is no way to close it. So if you end up using the site to text 50 different people, you will have 50 different conversations listed. I'm also not a fan of the fact that you have to use the mouse to send your texts. Pressing ENTER or SHIFT+ ENTER will only bring you down a line in the text box.
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    Default Re: Handcent Anywhere vs MightyText?

    I have been using mightytext for a while now > 1yr. At first it was AWESOME!!! Now, it sucks. I constantly have connection issues. I have to run to my phone and discinnnect reconnect mightytext constantly. This sort of defeats the purpose. I switched to google voice. It has a limited user interface but it ALWAYS sends my texts. I am going to try handcent anywhere. I would love it if it had a chrome extension.
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    Angry Re: Handcent Anywhere vs MightyText?

    Both pieces of software have major flaws

    Mighty Text has a huge problem with sending every text twice. Despite several instances of reporting this to the tech team nothing has been done about rectifying it in the last 6 months

    Handcent Anywhere, Handcent's web based SMS service, is appalling. Once you have logged in online it can take up to a dozen attempts to get the service to actually work and despatch a message. Again, reports to their tech team are completly ignored

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