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    Default Samsung convert

    Several years ago I had an S2 Skyrocket. It was bad...gingerbread was bad and the ics update was so unstable that CM nightlies were an imrpovement. It over heated barley held a charge. Nearly turned me off of Android phones and made me avoid Samsung ever since. I had an S4 GPE and Nexus 10 but couldn't handle the thought of Samsung software. I heard about bloatware and touchwiz and it kept me away even longer. Then the Note Pro 12.2 came out and it was exactly what I was looking for. I gave Samsung another try....and it is fantastic.

    I don't know why I didn't try Samsung sooner. I like all the bundled apps. Touchwiz is actually nice and I like Magazine view. Thats not even considering the hardware...fantastic screen great pen input. Its leaving me wondering if maybe I should have held out for the Note4 and not picked up that LG G3.

    I am no longer a Samsung hater.

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    Default Re: Samsung convert

    Yeah I like samsung too
    My galaxy S5 is awesome
    Glad to have another samsung enthusiast here at Android Central

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    Default Re: Samsung convert

    My main issue with Samsung continues to be there consistent reliance on 16gb models. Seriously , considering samsungs apps and UI take up like 6gbs of it, that's ridiculous. And your limited what you can store on the SD card.

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