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    Default Blu phone

    How are these phones ? I.E spec wise, durability customer service etc. Searched around, found a couple reviews but nothing that says much. Any feedback would be appreciated, I'm looking to buy one for a secondary device.

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    Default Re: Blu phone

    Specs don't mean much since the MediaTek CPUs don't benchmark very well. Having said that, I can tell you based on personal experience that the Studio and Life series are very good performers. My wife has a Studio II S 5.0 which she absolutely loves (Quad-core w/ 1GB RAM) and I use the Life View Tablet which is a very large phablet. Correction, it's a full 8" tablet that has full telephony built in. There are some models with the 480x800 resolution screens that aren't very good and the 5MP cameras are garbage. Both of my units have the 8MP cameras and they're quite good.

    The one thing that makes these phones seem snappier than their lowly specs suggest is that they run vanilla Android with zero bloatware. Cases are hard to find but they're starting to become available. I think some of the reviews out there are for some of the older models which had garbage digitizers and charging ports good for only 3 charge cycles before falling off. If you can see and feel one at a brick and mortar like Best Buy or Tiger Direct you'll be surprised how well they function. Just be sure you're looking at a newer model, I can't stress that enough. Stay away from the Dash, Advance and the Neo series, they're 512MB disposables. I hope I've been able to help and good luck.
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    Default Re: Blu phone

    I've been using the new Pure Life XL for a week now, and am very impressed. It's got a huge screen, 32 gb internal storage, 3 gb RAM, 16 mp back (main) camera, 8 mp front camera, fm radio, runs Andriod 4.2.2 Jellybean (waiting for the company's release of 4.4 Kitkat), has bluetooth, NFC, micro usb port (for charging and connecting w/PC), and has a nice gestures setting. It's not LTE, but has 3g HSPA, which makes it almost as good as 4g LTE. One of the things that definitely worked in favor of my decision to buy it is that all Blu phones come factory unlocked (they are not tied to carriers), and another thing was its cost (it sells in Amazon at less than $380). So far, I'm still on a learning curve using it as my daily driver, as I'm new to Android (coming from BlackBerry), although I'm very pleased by my (still short lived) experience with the Pure Life XL.

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    Default Re: Blu phone

    I have the blu life 8 octa core for over a month and its been extremly good especially for the price you get a fast reliable phone

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