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    Default Will ART live up to expectations?

    I prefer Android to other mobile OS's mainly for two reasons alone:
    1. Strong capabilities. IE. The better real multitasking and the endless ways to share data and information between all apps. It's just simply the most powerful OS available in terms of functions and capabilities for power users.

    2. Customization. I don't mean making cool looking aesthetically pleasing themes, I mean customizing the layout of my android devices so that they're personalized for how *I* like to navigate my UI. Not how a mobile OS designer thinks is best for me.

    Android is the only OS that meets my two must-haves. But...
    When it comes to total hassle free quality performance, iOS and WP have a slight leg-up. For example, I don't have to clear a cache on those devices to clean up a sluggishness that can build up over time. They pretty much work at the same performance levels after 8 weeks as they did after 1 day. If you're a tweaker like me you know what I'm speaking of. It's one of the pitfalls of a java based OS.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm the first one who will admit we've come a long way in speeding up the android OS. But we could do better. For example, If you want a really illustrative way to compare Android redraw speeds vs iOS grab an iPad mini retina and a 2013 nexus 7 and flip them both rapidly between portrait and landscape.

    I'm also well aware of the fact that iOS and WP hide some of their speed and loading times by use of animations, just as I'm also aware of those settings in android developer options.

    What I'm not well versed in is playing with the currently experimental ART. For those of you who have used it extensively, do you think the final version will address all of the above points in this post? I'd specifically be interested to hear from you if you've used ART a lot, use android as your main device, and also own current iOS and/or WP devices fairly frequently.
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    Default Re: Will ART live up to expectations?

    Being that Dalvik was not owned by Google and was not fully develop-able by Google because of IP restrictions. Yes it will more than live up to the task of letting Google farther develop Android beyond what they could of with the restrictions of Dalvik.

    ART is only a means to an end. All the fixes these people are hoping for from ART are not coming from ART they are going to be coming from the development that is now possible because of ART from the Google team. It will for sure lead to much better UI performance but more importantly it will allow for the development of endless APIs that can now be supported.
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    I'm using ART and I can't really tell if it's doing anything, to be honest. No difference in battery drain or app start up time, which ART is supposed to help with since it doesn't have to do JIT compilation every time. Or at least that's how I understand it.

    One time I felt my tablet was running especially smooth I thought hey ART is kicking ****. Then I checked Dev options and turned out I was running dalvik. D'oh!

    Edit: oh sorry guess I can't say b u t t. The censoring makes it look like maybe I said something worse lol.
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