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    Default Trouble with Good For Enterprise?

    I know its a small % of folks but figure I'd ask if anyone else is having issues with the Good app. I think our internal mobile team is stumped on this one. I can install and run Good for about a day, but then it will go into a "Locked" mode . I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times now and it will work for a day then locked. Not Rooted or anything odd like that.

    Probably need to try a clean wipe and start over.
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    Default Re: Trouble with Good For Enterprise?

    We use good at my company and haven't had any issues. I don't deal with the Admin aspect of it but I get a code and I'm good to go. :-)

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    Default Re: Trouble with Good For Enterprise?

    We are having the same issue here. The G2 is failing the compliance check. It's failing on the device side. The console is not showing it as non-compliant. I spoke with our GOOD account rep about it and was told they are looking into it. However, "the device is not yet cetrified with them".
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    Default Re: Trouble with Good For Enterprise?

    Yeah, that's what we got to. I can usually run it for a few days before it locks out. It always bugs me when some devices work fine and others do not. One of the mobile team members has a G2 and his works just fine.
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    Default Re: Trouble with Good For Enterprise?

    I'm having the same issue. Usually works ok, but if I reboot the phone it will be locked. Hoping GEF will provide an update to fix this.

    EDIT: My co-worker has the ATT LG G2 variant with GEF and he has no issues with it. This could be only on the VZW version.
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    Default Re: Trouble with Good For Enterprise?

    I've been using Good on my G2 for 5 days without any issues. So far, so good... No pun intended.

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