Hi all, I'm in the UK, ISP is BT Infinity 2 (fibre). My daughter in NYC has kindly sent me a Chromecast. My TV and PVR are smart and have various streaming services, but not Netflix nor Google Play content. The chromecast I thought was an ideal way to add them to view on the TV.

I can cast a tab fine, including dropping local content into a chrome tab and casting that. I've been struggling though with casting from an app, and by playing with my router settings, have discovered that if I disable UPnP I can cast from an app on my N7 and N4. So now I can watch online content (only YT and my purchased GP content just yet - I was wanting to test it before I sign up with Netflix - the UK has nothing else just yet).

My question is - am I OK disabling UPnP on my BT Home Hub 4 router

TBH I'm not sure what the effect of what I've done is - other than it gets my new toy working :-)

I have a software firewall running too, Eset NOD32.