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    Default Why does Chromecast show up as a tv input?

    Hey guys

    I'm setting up a new remote (Harmony 650)and I noticed Chromecast shows up as a tv input.I only have 2 Hdmi's and now I get Hdmi 1 Hdmi2 and chromecast on my input menu. Chromecast is plugged into HDMI2

    The only reason I'm asking this is I'm having a hard time setting up the Harmony to change inputs correctly and I wonder if the CC input is confusing the remote.I have a Vizio tv which from what I've read can be a pita to setup input switching with the harmony remote so I'm going through process of elimination.

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    Default Re: Why does Chromecast show up as a tv input?

    I unplugged the Chromecast and it works fine now. The extra input was confusing the remote now the question is how do I have it not show up as an input???

    It never showed up as an input before so it must have been in a recent update or something
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    Default Re: Why does Chromecast show up as a tv input?

    I have a harmony remote and I believe the chromecast shows up on it. IIRC you can just use the PC/Web tool to confgure it however you like or delete it from the romet alogether.

    On mine IIRC If I select Chromecast it powers on my AV reciever, Powers on my TV, then switched the input on my AV switch to the slot my chrmecast is in.
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