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    Default Chromecast Won't Communicate With Samsung Galaxy S3

    After 5 hours of work including an hour on the phone with Chromecast support who couldn't help me solve my issue I finally figured out how to make the Samsung S3 communicate with Chromecast! I thought I would post up the solution here in hopes of saving someone else hours of frustration, as once I got Chromecast working, I am absolutely thrilled with it.

    After installing Chromecast on my TV HDMI connector, my phone recognized its signal, but when I clicked on setup Chromecast on the phone, the screen twirled for about 2 minutes and then gave me the error "could not communicate with chromecast, please make sure your chromecast is nearby"

    The problem was not my WiFi router, its settings or proximity to the TV, It ended up being the WiFi setting on the phone.

    I went to Android settings, clicked on WiFi, then under WiFi click on the connection, click on edit connection. Scroll down and check the box labeled "advanced settings", this brought up a hidden menu for IP Settings. In IP settings choose "static" instead of "DHCP" and click apply or ok to save the settings.

    The moment I chose "static" connection and saved the WiFi settings, restarted the router it worked flawlessly!!!

    Chromecast support was pleasant, but could not resolve the issue, among the things they tried to change that didn't work were:

    1. Changing the "AP Isolation" setting on my router which I could not find anywhere in the router manual
    2. UPnP settings which come turned on in the default setting in my (belkin 750 N) router which is the setting you want
    3. Moving the router upstairs which did not work
    4. Trying a different router that produced the same error
    5. Resetting the router to default settings and resetting Chromecast

    Again, was an extremely frustrating experience, however now that it is working, I am thoroughly enjoying the Chromecast system. Rented a movie on Google play and it was excellent video quality, casting videos via youtube and through realplayer cloud. Can't wait for more apps to utilize the Chromecast platform.

    Hope this helps someone out there!

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    Default Re: Chromecast Won't Communicate With Samsung Galaxy S3

    Sir, you are my saviour!!!!
    Thankfully I was only an hour into trying to set it up, so thank you so much!

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