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    Default avia ? and other apps

    avia app after install they ask for 2.99 to stream to chromecast. Does this support avi and mkv files.

    Also are they going to update so I can stream from the phone chrome browser
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    Default Re: avia ? and other apps

    As far as I know Avia stream the video directly to Chromecast, which only support these format:

    So no AVI and MKV. You could setup a Plex server since it transcode the video to compatible format. Otherwise, for MKV just save it as mp4 without transcoding. For AVI, you can try this program I mentioned: Free program using AMD/Intel feature to quickly convert offline videos.
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    Default Re: avia ? and other apps

    I can't get mkv, mp4 or mpa files to work from my DNLA server via Avia on the Chromecast. It tries to stream, but the incompatible content message comes up on the Chromecast. They all play just fine on my Nexus 4 using the DNLA server and Avia.

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