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    Default won a Nexus 1 dev phone on eBay

    Got the phone for 200 bux!

    I am using a Samsung Captivate right now & its awesome. I have it running a nice ROM & tweaked just the way i like it.

    Can't wait to get my hands on the G1!
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    Wait. Are you getting the nexus 1 or the G1?

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    If you got a G1 for $200...Damn lol

    Ill sell you mine for $199 if you want a G1
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    nexus 1, my bad!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertInCypress View Post
    nexus 1, my bad!
    you should also change your sig... cuz you have it saying G1 dev phone also.
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    it is a G-1 im not sure what the hell i was thinking
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    Dmn Dude....
    Ill sell you a G1 for $100 if you want another one.

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