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    JB 4.1.1 (JRO03C)

    Exclamation Camera: White balance

    Anyone notice the white balance (on auto) isn't that great? Was in a banquet hall last night for a company function, and the auto white balance was WAY off... way too "warm" and or reddish cast... had to manually select incandescent to get any semblance of true color representation and white balance...

    I hope it's something that improves with the next software update...

    Has anybody else noticed the same?
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    I'd be surprised if the WB in any camera phone is all that great. Have you tried correcting in Photoshop or something similar?
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    I've noticed the same thing, however, I use Picasa for my picture management so after they import I run through them and touch them up really quick.
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    Default Android Newbie

    I've had some issues, theres been a a couple times that my touch screen does not respond(had to reboot), had quite a few dropped calls, has switched over to the edge network a few times. A couple of times when receiving a call the other person could not hear me after trying to call me or me call the other person( fixed by rebooting phone) Battery seems to run out fast even when not using,(have had the phone in idle for 5 hours have only made one 2 minute call, have not used for anything else and battery is now at 85%, not running any new applications in background except for lookout app. GPS, bluetooth and wifi disabled.... had phone for 8 days now.
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    Sorry "TonyT", gonna bring the thread back on-topic. Is the white-balance what causes the reddish tinge in the middle of the camera screen? I know it's not a discoloration on my screen because I've viewed white pictures and don't see the reddish center. However, when I start the camera app, the middle seems very red. I thought it was something wrong with my camera.

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