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    Default Phone Running at 100% without sleeping

    I just recently noticed my battery life has taken a significant hit and after looking into the problem with spare parts and found the following "time spend without sleeping 6h 36m (100%) I read in other posts that ChompSMS prevents the phone from sleeping so I removed it weeks ago. My question is; is there any way to find out what is keeping my phone awake and preventing it from going to sleep?

    I just recently installed the engadget app +widget could this be keeping my phone awake? I also installed a custom background (NexusMod 2.0) as well. Im just listing these two things because its the only real changes ive made since noticing the issue. Im just trying to Pin point the problem. If anyone has a solution to this or has noticed the same problem recently please help a brother out

    thx.. ...
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    try menu>>settings>>about phone>>battery>>battery use

    it will tell you what has been using the battery by %

    then in spare parts:
    battery history, select partial wake usage from the menubox, and choose "since last unplugged"

    In both cases, lower is better. The entry with the highest numbers are probably the culprit
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    Yup, i just figured that out moments before you posted that. It turns out it was slacker radio. I just emailed them notifying them of the problem. Ive stayed away from ChompSMS since I was doing the same thing as slacker did, Any idea if they have fixed this issue?
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    No idea. I'm stuck waiting for the CDMA version of the N1, I was just squirting out generic Android advice lol.

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