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    Default wifi setup and preferences

    Hi all,

    New to these forums, and new to android and tablets too! Looking for a little help.

    I have configured my N10 to use two wifi connections, my home router connected to my home broadband, and my phone running ICS and personal wifi hotspot.

    How do I tell the N10 to prefer my home connection and only use the phone connection as a backup? As I don't want it using up my mobile data allowance unless I am actually out of the house!

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    Default Re: wifi setup and preferences

    I may not be understanding what you are asking, but I just turn the phone hotspot off when I'm not actively using it.
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    Default Re: wifi setup and preferences

    That would do the trick, I was just hoping to achieve them same without having to manually turn the hotspot on and off.
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    Default Re: wifi setup and preferences

    Pull down the right 'shade' from the top of the screen. This get you to the settings menu. Select the wifi icon. This will take you to a list of the wifi connections the tablet can see. Select the wifi you want and select connect. I don't think there is any way to make one preferred over the other.
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    Default Re: wifi setup and preferences

    Android will always pick stronger signal Wifi :> i would solve this way, remove phone wifi from auto-connection and use it only if it's is needed manually

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