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    Default Issues while playing music

    So I've had my nexus 10 for a couple days and it looks like I'm having an issue while playing music. I've tried Google Music and DoubleTwist and same issue occurs..

    Once the lock screen comes up a few seconds will pass, than there is a loud buzz, music stops, and I'm forced to reboot.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    Default Re: Issues while playing music

    I haven't listened to that much music on my N10, how long have you been playing music for before this occurs?
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    Default Re: Issues while playing music

    didnt have issues for me. I played music a few times
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    Default Re: Issues while playing music

    Music will play while on the lock screen for about 5 seconds before a buzz and freeze. Happened ever since I put music on and happens with multiple music apps. I might try to do a factory reset and hope for the best.

    I've tried fiddling around with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc but the issue continues.
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    Default Re: Issues while playing music

    I listen to music all the time on my N10. A few hours per day. I stream it from Google Music & SiriusXM usually. I listen on the N10 speakers, stream via Bluetooth & plug into the headphone jack. I never have any issues. Music plays until I turn the music off. My screen is set to go off after 2 minutes. I have had my N10 since the Monday following launch day.
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    Default Re: Issues while playing music

    I had the same issue three times when I was using my Nexus 10 to play music while directly plugged into my car stereo Aux outlet. I plugged my Nexus 10 via a 3.5mm audio cable to my car's stereo and upon starting the built in music player app and turning off the screen, the music played for 5 seconds also and then came a loud beep and the Nexus 10 crashed and rebooted. This happen 3 times in that one moment when I was trying to get it to play my music.
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    Default Re: Issues while playing music

    Is this streaming music or playing files stored on the device. If stored on the device are they files you moved yourself or "saved to the device" from a service liek google music?

    If it is streaming music could yoyu check to see the settings Wi-fi>menu [3dots]>advanced>Keep wi-fi on during sleep. what is it set to?
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    Default Re: Issues while playing music

    These are files moved onto the device myself (with usb).

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