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    Default Is this light bleed?

    Hi there. Had my nexus 10 for a week now and loving it having previously used a Playbook which was great apart from lack of decent apps. Only thing bothering me is the white light coming from the corners and sides of the screen which is quite noticeable when watching movies or anything with a black background. Do you think this is light bleed and is it bad enough to return?
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    Default Re: Is this light bleed?

    Well its hard to tell it all in the picture, how many light bleeds would you say it has, I had a rule in deciding on exchanging my light bleed Nexus: if the light bleed is a big as your thumb or bigger and is very noticeable at 70% brightness or lower then it has to go back. I took mine back and got a new one but the light bleed wasn't nearly as bad. I got maybe a pinkie thin lightbleed only in the bottom right corner and like 2 tick tack size ones very close to the edge. Much happier now.
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    Default Re: Is this light bleed?

    My nexus 10 has slight light bleeding on its lower right and right side of the tablet.

    Will it get any worse? do i have to return it and ask for a new one?

    I spent 25,000 Pesos on this and this is actually my first tablet..

    I hate that I get to get the Unit with the bleeding issue.. can anyone unburden my thoughts
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    Default Re: Is this light bleed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Atiya View Post
    My nexus 10 has slight light bleeding on its lower right and right side of the tablet. Will it get any worse?
    Yet again.


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