I managed to get mine ordered on tuesday when they had stock and it should arrive today Thanx big G...

I see a lot of people finding out issues after the initial return window has expired and wanted to get a quick list of things to check for, not just for my benefit, but anyone else who wants to know..
Heres what I got so far:
(some of them I dont know what to expect yet)

1-light bleed while viewing black background, both on low brightness and full brightness
2-check for bad pixels by viewing different solid color back grounds
3-verify time it takes to fully charge from almost dead
4-from full charge, put in airplane mode and loop a video or similar to see how mnay hours of screen ontime you get (my old xoom could do 9-10)
5-verify wifi connectivity works
6-verify headphones work
7- verify HDMI out works (if you have a cable)