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    Default Anybody using screen protectors?

    If so which ones are you using and what would you rate it? Protection and ease of installation. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Anybody using screen protectors?

    I think these are Crystal Clear ones I have. Came in a 3-pack with the case I got for my N10. They work well, but I think ease of installation is gonna be the same for all of them.
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    Default Re: Anybody using screen protectors?

    Yeah, basically a pain in the *** to install without getting big craters all over your screen....saying that, I did manage it ok in the end.
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    Default Re: Anybody using screen protectors?

    I got the Skinomi screen protector. I never used this one before but I had great results. It went on fairly easily (for a screen protector), but there were numerous little bubbles that I could not squeegee out. I contacted Skinomi and they said that I shouldn't worry as they usually take a few days to disappear. I was very skeptical but after two days many of the air bubbles started to disappear, and after four days it was perfectly clear. I cannot tell that there is a screen protector on the device, as there is no "orange peel" effect and the screen is not rubber-feeling at all.
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    Default Re: Anybody using screen protectors?

    What I've noticed with some screen protectors is if you put it in a tight case or a pocket without being careful sometimes the case edge will take the protector off or cause it to mess up.

    I couldn't think how to put it into words so I took a picture of my phone which went through just that:

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    Default Re: Anybody using screen protectors?

    Poetic anti-glare screen protector, it's a dry apply so installation is pretty simple. As for protection I haven't really had a need for them yet since I am pretty careful with my tablets.
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    Default Re: Anybody using screen protectors?

    ArmorSuit Military Shield: A bear to install but excellent results. From Amazon. Must watch the video on their website before touching anything!
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    Default Re: Anybody using screen protectors?

    I am using the XtremeGuard ones. They are wet apply. You use a drop of dish detergent in some water. Wet the protector in the water and the detergent makes it so you can slide it to the correct position on your screen. I could never get the dry apply ones centered. There isn't enough water involved to worry about getting the electronics wet. They are shiny, not antiglare, and have a slight amount of orange peel. I like the feel better than the bare glass and they don't seem as prone to finger prints. Finally try coupon code 70off for you guess how much off.
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    Default Re: Anybody using screen protectors?

    I purchased Armorsuit screen protector for my Nexus 10 and I love it. I've installed other screen protectors on many other devices with frustrating results. Once installed any defects were permanent.

    The company recommended watching a video on how to install Armorsuit. I was extremely nervous. First you must wash and dry your hands. Make sure your screen is clear of all smudges and finger prints. Spray your finger tips with the pre-packaged solution. Spray the front side of the screen protector with the same solution. Start peeling the paper off the back side while spraying. I have to tell you I had my husband help me. He sprayed while I peeled. You can easily move the screen protector around while it's wet ensuring correct placement. Squeegy any excess water out. Now after I did all of this my screen looked awful. The company suggest not using your device for 24 hours for best results. I had my doubts but I kept my fingers crossed anyway. After 24 hours the smudges were gone as were most of the bubbles. My confidence in the product increasing. Now after 4 days I have one itty bitty bubble (which I feel will disappear) on the border of my Nexus 10.

    So the short version is I would highly recommend this product.

    Hope this was helpful. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me. There were some other steps I took to make sure my Nexus came out unaffected by the installation.

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