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    Default New tablet-only related website

    Hello AC Forum friends!

    Android Central has been and continues to be an amazing site which was my home page for the longest time and at which I still look at daily! I did want a site that only dealt with tablets though and, finding that one doesn't exits - have created one with a friend - it is now live: AllTabletNews | First and, with your help, best website focusing exclusively on tablets!

    As all sites, it will only grow and be meaningful with your interest, help, contribution, questions and answers! For now, the site is only doing daily tablet news aggregation and a few tablet related observations, but we hope to have some proper reviews coming up for you soon - and of course your input and opinions would be much appreciated! Thank you for making AC what it is and - to those who would like - let's make the first tablet website the best one!
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    Default Re: New tablet-only related website

    Good work had a nice read - keep it up
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    Default Re: New tablet-only related website

    Thank you, Funduro!
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    Default Re: New tablet-only related website

    Honestly, it might be hard to get your site alot of traffic as these days there's a million sites for pretty much everything. Good luck though, you never know how successful you might be.
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    Default Re: New tablet-only related website

    Thank you! We can but try, after all Our first short video review is now up on AllTabletNews! Please go and have a look - any comments are appreciated and of course please bear in mind it's only the first one.... Thank you AC!!
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    Default Re: New tablet-only related website

    I actually forgot all about this.

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