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    Default Movie Format (HD or SD)?

    Probably a "dumb" question, but when buying/renting movies is it worth it to get them in HD (instead of SD) on the Nexus 10? Basically, can you tell the difference on the 10" screen?
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    Default Re: Movie Format (HD or SD)?

    I always buy/rent HD for 2 reasons. One, the N10 screen is freekin gorgeous in HD, I can see a difference between non-HD & HD on its screen for sure. Second, I use the HDMI out on the N10 to watch movies on my big screen 1080p TV's & you can really see the difference then.
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    Default Re: Movie Format (HD or SD)?

    HD definitely do make a difference, not only on the N10 screen but also when you stream it to HD Tv
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    Default Re: Movie Format (HD or SD)?

    HD is pretty much a must. DVD quality SD video is 720x480. even if the HD movies from play are "full HD" that is 1920x1080 video. the screen on the N10 is 2560x1600-ish. Do the math.
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    Default Re: Movie Format (HD or SD)?

    Thanks for the answers.
    I was pretty sure that HD was the way to go, but just wanted to make sure.

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