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    So I connect my nexus 10 to my LG HDTV using an HDMI to micro HDMI cable, and although the picture transfers onto the screen ok the audio does not. It just plays through the tablet. Does anyone know how I can fix this? This has only recently started happening...before I got both the video and the audio on the TV but now just the video. I'm not sure if there is something on the tablet I need to do/change. I am presuming that the connection and the wire must be fine since I wouldn't be getting the picture.
    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    HDMI cable especially where sound is concerned are notoriously finicky. Do you have any other devices connected to the TV via HDMI? These could be causing interference. Try with the other device disconnected. Also try restarting both devices. Reboot the tablet, and turn off and then back on the TV. Also try another HDMI cable they DO sometimes go on you.
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    ok will do thanks. I have tried with 2 different cables and the same result. I can't imagine there is something wrong with the tablet right? I'm saying this on the presumption that the picture works fine.
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    Is there a way to stream from my 10 to my Samsung TV?

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    It should work with an HDMI cable with the standard connector on one end and a micro connector on the other end. Good source for a cable is MonoPrice.
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    I too would like to know this. I have a Samsung Smart TV.

    Additionally, what is a good HDMI output cable to buy for my nexus 10? I am also looking to boost my charging time. Is there a better option to charge my Nexus faster?
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    Is there a way to stream from my 10 to my Samsung TV?

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