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    Default Miracast/wireless display on Samsung SmartTV

    I recently got a Samsung SmartTV 2013, model UN60F7050AF (which is the same as the 7100 model).
    Samsung devices implement Miracast under the AllShare brand.
    I tried to connect my Nexus 10 Android 4.3 tablet to the TV and it doesn't work. I tried this:
    • Set the tv to mirror screen
    • Set the tablet to discover wireless displays.
    • I see the ledtv and i select it. Both the tv and the tablet say connecting...
    • For a moment the tv says android device connected, then it closes the screen and says it disconnected.
    • The tablet loses the ledtv from the list

    Is there a way to make them work? Is Samsung's implementation propietary? Devices should be interoperable...
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    Default Re: Miracast/wireless display on Samsung SmartTV

    My S4 will connect to my Samsung 65" Smart TV, but not my Nexus 10.

    Same symptoms as yours.

    About all I can do with my Nexus 10 is use the Samsung Swipeit app and display pictures and videos on the TV.

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    Default Re: Miracast/wireless display on Samsung SmartTV

    I don't think Allshare is Miracast. The allshare stuff came out well before Miracast was available.
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    Default Re: Miracast/wireless display on Samsung SmartTV

    I recently got one of these Netgear devices that supports BOTH Miracast and Samsung's Allshare.
    It also supports Widi if your computer's Intel processor has Widi capability.
    Link to device: PTV3000

    Overall, it is far from perfect. I have been able to mirror both my current phone (Samsung GS III) and my Nexus 10, but things have been very laggy/choppy. I haven't spent a lot of time with it yet other than updating the firmware, but I am hoping that it will function well and provide similar functionality to mirroring my iPad over the Apple TV.
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    Default Re: Miracast/wireless display on Samsung SmartTV

    If you haven't resolved your issues with your TV and the Nexus 10 yet then try downloading and manually installing the latest firmware for the TV - the firmware fix worked for me: Support - LED TV UN60F7050AF | Samsung TVs

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