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    Default File transfer causes permanent, unusable slowness

    I believe transferring files to the Nexus 10 has a chance of royally screwing it up, causing you to need to do a factory reset.

    When this happened to my first Nexus 10, I thought it was an unlucky fluke, but it's just happened again to my new Nexus 10 (first one developed screen issues and was replaced). Exact same circumstances, exact same behaviour -- same problem I believe.

    Basically, you are transferring a chunk of files to the device -- say, a load of videos. The transfer will be whizzing through, when all of a sudden, it will suddenly slow down to a crawl, and Windows will tell you there's hours remaining.

    After this happens (even if you allow the transfer to complete), the device never behaves the same again. Start-up takes 10 minutes, opening an app takes about a minute, using the "home" button takes about 10 seconds... etc. I tried everything I could... clearing caches, gutting the hard drive until it's mostly empty, removing everything but the stock launcher, but nothing made a difference short of doing a full factory reset.

    My device is doing a factory reset as we speak, but I'm going to be scared to transfer files to it again. At least I have the option of using a USB drive and Nexus Media Importer I guess.

    Oh, it's unlikely to be the computer's fault, because the first time it happened it was my Dad's Windows 7 machine, and this second time, it was my own Windows 8 machine.

    Has anyone ever experienced what I'm describing, and if so, a way to get the tablet working again without doing a factory reset? Any suggestions for something to try if it happens again? I'm pretty sure I could recreate it if I kicked off a few big file transfers.

    Cheers =)
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    Default Re: File transfer causes permanent, unusable slowness

    I found loads of others with the same issue, seems it's been on-going for at least a year. This is for the Galaxy Nexus phone, but I imagine it's the same problem, given it's the same operating system:

    Still, I'm interested to hear if anyone else has had this with their Nexus 10, and what they do about it
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    Default Re: File transfer causes permanent, unusable slowness

    The best advice I can give is to transfer small batches at a time. Large amounts seem to overwhelm the MTP transfer. Also, transfer is much slower using MTP.
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