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    Default Unable to flash to my nexus

    I was flashing kitkat last nite, to my nexus, using fastboot commands. There were 5 image files to flash. Prior to flashing, I had factory reset the tablet and formatted data. All was going well until flashing the last file which was system.img. It seemed to hang doing this. Then, very surprisingly and unexpectedly, I got a BSOD which forced a reboot. After that I'm having major problems completing the process. I can boot the tablet into bootloader but from there I cannot get into recovery. It just boots back to bootloader. I can use fastboot to flash userdata and cache img files, but trying to flash recovery,, boot, or recovery image files just hangs.
    Not being able to get into recovery means I can't reformat or reset anything. Not being able to flash system onto the Nexus means I can't boot.
    Right now, I 'm not sure just what OS I've got running, my old 4.3 or is it 4.4? Or is there an OS at all? Whether there is or isn't, how do I format or flash something over that allows me some flexiblility to fix things. Right now, I can't seem to do anything.

    Please help if you can.
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    Default Re: Unable to flash to my nexus

    Its a strange world we live in.
    After spending all morning trying to solve my dilemma, I powered the thing down and let it sit all day.
    This evening, after seeing (disappointedly) no replies, I decided to try again and viola! The thing worked, fastboot I mean. I reflashed all files successfully and rebooted into my brand new kitkat os. Why it decided to successfully flash this evening is a mystery to me. Whatever, problem gone away.
    The BSOD, I discovered, was due to overheating issues with CPU reaching almost 60 C. What impact this may have had on these events requires intellect I do not possess. Whatever, problem gone away.

    Good nite and have a good year.

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