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    Default How do I save pic attachments from email app and gmail to my gallery?

    I have recently purchased a Nexus 10 and updated it to Kit Kat. Unlike my android phone there doesn't seem to be a way to save any pictures sent to me via the email app or gmail to the gallery app. When I tap on save as or save or download it says the pic or attachment is saved but there isn't an option as to where to save it ie save to gallery. And unlike my android phone when pic attachments are automatically saved to the gallery app in the download section?? Where are the pics/docs saved?

    I have been searching for the last week on the net to find info on this but haven't found anything.

    cheers in advance for your help.
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    Default Re: How do I save pic attachments from email app and gmail to my gallery?

    With further mucking around I have been able to share some pics from gmail to the pic app which then sometimes but not always puts the pic into the gallery app. The email app will not share anything. Also I have found now that if I open a pic in the pic app and share it with face book it will not send the pic but only the message?????

    Why does android on the tablet not work the same as android on a phone??

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