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    Talking [LEAK] Carphone Warehouse calling up

    After all the leaks coming for Carphone Warehouse I decided to call up 5 retail shops around the UK and they all given me the same details about the Nexus 4. Below is information which I was able to get from the 5 shops. I know most of this information is already leaked, but it's interesting what information you can get from just calling up.

    Release Date: 1st November
    Price: £380-390 (it's subject to change, one shop said)
    In stock: Shop in York said I could pick one up this Monday morning.
    Shops I called: London, York, Norwich and Birmingham

    I also asked them about the Nexus 10 but they didn't have information in-store.
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    Default Calling up Carphone Warehouse with release info

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    Default Re: Calling up Carphone Warehouse with release info

    Quote Originally Posted by six8 View Post
    Called up another shop and asked, he redirected me to arena for specs.

    EDIT: Sorry forgot to mention, he gave me the gsmarena arena site because the specs are the same to the one on his in-store computer. It was easier for him to give me the specs.
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