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    Default [VIDEO] The new Android 4.2 clock app

    Surprisingly awesome.

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    Default Re: [VIDEO] The new Android 4.2 clock app

    Stop it Phil, I can't take anymore videos. I already want this phone, you're just making the waiting hurt a bit more.
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    Default Re: [VIDEO] The new Android 4.2 clock app

    why is the settings RED and there is no app icon. that's the standard Google wanted.

    will wait to see if the update on 11th make it unified.
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    Default Re: [VIDEO] The new Android 4.2 clock app

    They look awesome! Beats my old Gingerbread.
    "I used to run, only when chased"
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    Default Re: [VIDEO] The new Android 4.2 clock app

    Nice! Can't wait.

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